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julio 2018

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Dental aesthetics is not only formed by the teeth themselves. There are many factors that intervene in the aesthetic harmony resulting in a pleasant appearance in the face of society. One of the main factors that interact and that are revealed when evaluating dental aesthetics, is...

La semana pasada persentamos las "Jornadas Divulgativas de Salud Bucodental" y dentro de ellas contamos con la participación de nuestra compañera Elena Alonso, presentando la charla "Salud bucodental en odontopediatría; prevención y traumatismos". ¡Si no pudiste asistir, hoy traemos el video en nuestro facebook para que...

¡¡La próxima semana, del 16 al 22 de julio, presentamos las "Jornadas Divulgativas de Salud Bucodental"!! Dentro de ellas, el sábado 21 de julio, a partir de las 11:30h, podrás disfrutar de charlas divulgativas que sin duda, no te puedes perder. Te esperamos en el...

Many times we go to the dentist and they tell us that we have to do a root canal, but what exactly is "an endodontics"? Many people commonly call it "killing the nerve", but what we really do is to remove the pulp, clean and hermetically...

Muchas veces vamos al dentista y nos dicen que nos tenemos que hacer una endodoncia, pero ¿qué es exactamente "una endodoncia"? Mucha gente lo llama comúnmente “matar el nervio”, pero lo que realmente hacemos es extirpar la pulpa, limpiar y sellar herméticamente el interior del diente....

Curettage and root planing is the procedure by which the supragingival calculus deposits are removed. For the elimination of the calculation, scaling and root planing are necessary. When we have an illness of the gums (gingivitis) and we do not treat it correctly, it can evolve...

Infantile cerebral palsy, better known as ICP, is an entity that constitutes a set of disorders of development, posture and movement. This causes total or partial absence of functionality and / or limitations. It can be found together with other sensory, cognitive, communication, perception, and behavioral...

Fluoride is a product that provides two benefits to the teeth, this acts increasing the resistance of the enamel. This is antibacterial, which means, that acts against the growth of bacteria that produce tartar, and remineralizing the enamel layer. Also giving it greater hardness and...