Curettage and root planing is the procedure by which the supragingival calculus deposits are removed. For the elimination of the calculation, scaling and root planing are necessary.

When we have an illness of the gums (gingivitis) and we do not treat it correctly, it can evolve into a more complicated state. Periodontal disease
Periodontitis is a state of inflammation, which reaches the root of the tooth. At this stage, our teeth begin to have problems in the supporting structures of the tooth (periodontium). When this happens, we must go to the dentist to perform a periodontal treatment. Which could include curettage and root planing. This treatment allows to eliminate the bacteria that can lodge under the gums and the deposits of tartar and calculus.
Scraping removes plaque and tartar from the tooth surface both supra and subgingival, as well as debridement of the soft tissue wall of the periodontal pocket.
Root planing is the process through which the residual tartar that is stuck and the cement portions of the roots that are contaminated are removed to achieve a clean, hard and uniform surface.
The objective of the scraping and smoothing is to recover the gingival health, eliminating completely the elements that provoke the inflammation of the gums (plaque, calculus and bacteria). This is done by combining sonic / ultrasonic instrumentation with manual instrumentation using curettes, allowing the soft tissues to reintegrate.
  • When the gingival tissues are bleeding and edematous (inflamed).
  • If the patient presents calcified calculus, affected cement.
You may need curette and root planing in your entire mouth or you may just need it in one of the four quadrants in which the mouth is divided. At SJD Dentistas, with a clinical and radiographic exploration we will determine what your need will be.
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