Infantile cerebral palsy, better known as ICP, is an entity that constitutes a set of disorders of development, posture and movement.
This causes total or partial absence of functionality and / or limitations. It can be found together with other sensory, cognitive, communication, perception, and behavioral deficits …
In this group of patients, the appearance of general health problems is frequent. In today’s blog we will talk about the oral dental problems associated with this complex disorder. Scarcely receive treatment, control or supervision by the appropriate medical staff. This makes this situation leads to multiple problems further complicating their quality of life.
The main alterations and oral problems detected in this population are:
  • Dental alterations such as poor positions, open or crossed bites, dental crowding, compression of the maxilla, mandibular or maxillary overtaking, dental rotations, …
  • Dental infections in varying degrees of severity due to the presence of caries.
  • Infections and gingival alterations due to compromise or hygiene deficit.
  • Bruxism or severe dental wear.
  • Presence of supernumerary teeth or absence of these known as «agenesis».
Each and every one of them are susceptible to treatment to avoid deterioration and compromise of other functions.
The main problem in these cases is to find collaboration on the part of the patient.
In order to properly handle the case with the precision and quality it deserves, it is almost always necessary to treat them under sedation or general anesthesia within a competent hospital setting and with sufficient resources so that everything goes properly.
That is why with the treatment and maintenance, as well as the supervision and adequate control, we can considerably improve the quality of life of the patient and their environment, minimizing possible health complications.
If you are in this situation, or know someone who may be, in SJD Dentists we have the necessary means to treat all dental and oral complications of this group of patients without them being a problem, go to our facilities so we can help you.
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