Fluoride is a product that provides two benefits to the teeth, this acts increasing the resistance of the enamel. This is antibacterial, which means, that acts against the growth of bacteria that produce tartar, and remineralizing the enamel layer. Also giving it greater hardness and being therefore more resistant to bacterial attacks.

The use of daily fluoride has proven to be the most effective way to prevent cavities, both in children and adults. Caries is one of the ten most prevalent diseases in the world and the use of fluoride toothpaste is a good and cheap sanitary measure. Toothpaste with fluoride and brushes
Years ago, «conspiracy theories» appeared with fluorine as the protagonist. Next we will explain the myth that hides behind them.
Fluorine is a chemical element with great reactive power. It has the ability to join almost any other element. Pure is highly dangerous, and hence its bad press (and the lack of elementary knowledge of chemistry). In nature it is not found in this way, but forming compounds with other elements. Depending on who your partner is, it will be more or less dangerous.
Normally a person ingests fluorine through the foods that contain it and that are part of the habitual diet of the individual. Also by means of the intake of water for human consumption, which are all fluorinated, or by means of toothpastes. These contain fluoride in the form of salts that are not harmful to our body.

The main benefit of fluorine lies in the union that this element forms with hydroxyapatite. This forms part of the dental enamel, which is transformed into fluoroapatite, a mineral of greater strength and hardness, which is more resistant to bacterial colonization.

So we could ask ourselves, where is the limit with fluorine, when is this poisonous? Well, currently it is stipulated that the minimum toxic dose is 5mg / per kg of weight. For a 10kg child it would be to ingest 50mg of fluoride; equivalent to several pasta tubes together. That is, used in the indicated amount, fluoride toothpastes are totally safe and effective to prevent tooth decay. Also, keep in mind that this dental hygienic solution is not ingested when it is used to clean the teeth.
With all this and taking into account the explanations given in the previous lines, fluoride is an element used for the prevention of oral health totally safe. This guarantees the reduction of incidence and prevalence of caries. So whenever we hear this myth let’s think about that: «the dose makes the poison».
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