From the first moment and as part of the company definition, the SJD Dentistas mission is to prevent, heal and maintain the people’s oral health, through quality treatments with reasonable price. It’s part of our vision to conduct a solidarity work with socially disadvantaged people.

This social commitment, as company, is also held in an individual level by every person involved in SJD Dentistas.

Therefore, we have created our first Charity project, named ‘the GUALKITALKI Project’.

This project is included in the ‘SAN JUAN DE DIOS FRIENDS’ network. The San Juan de Dios Hospital ‘starts a new project related to the solidarity development area. The intention is to help keeping the hospitaller Order mission through its community work based in paying attention to the needs of the people under risk or actual situation on vulnerability.

The ‘SAN JUAN DE DIOS FRIENDS’ network agglutinates the center workers, relatives, friends, benefactors and associations sensitized with the charity causes that the hospital promotes o is involved with. The intention is to promote the corporate social responsibility, raising awareness regarding the collaboration with the causes in need.

Being a San Juan de Dios Friend is a commitment with the hospitality. It is about giving a comprehensive answer to the sick, dependant and needy person, specially to those more vulnerable and unprivileged.

Through the charity development area, The San Juan de Dios Hospitaller Order meets the healthcare needs of people without sufficient funds. They offer complementary services, additionally to the care and education activities carried. That is possible thanks to the support of volunteers and benefactors.

The GUALIKITALKI Project consists in that, for every new patient that assists to their first free visit, SJD Dentist donates 5 euros, regardless of the acceptance or rejection of the treatment by the patient.

The fundraising will be intended to cover the oral expenses of the San Juan de Dios Psychopedagogical Centre residents.

Since our opening, we have collaborated with some of  Psychopedagogical Centre boys and girls. The name of the project is inspired in the experience that we had when we treated one of the boys.

The patient was very nervous and upset so, in order to make him feel comfortable,we asked him what was the thing he liked the most. His answer was very clear: walkie-talkies.

We used the screens we had in the office to display videos from a crime series and the patient got relaxed and started collaborating.

We really hope that this project allows us to successfully treat more and more boys and girls, making their lives a bit better.

We would also like to thank our partner, Click Comunicacion, for their selfless cooperation with the recording and edition of a video that spreads this community work.


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