Gingivitis is a reversible pathology that causes inflammation of the gums and hemorrhage, but no loss of support tissue of the tooth. It appears due to an accumulation of dentobacterial plaque (tartar) in the gum line.

Why is it produced?
The main and most frequent cause is poor or poor oral hygiene. In addition, there are other causes such as:
  • Poor hygiene in people who carry orthodontic appliances.
  • Bad dental position.
  • Hormonal changes.
  • Some diseases like diabetes.
  • Take some medications.
This occurs constantly in all individuals, but with the elimination of bacterial plaque there is a reduction of gingival inflammation in a few days.


The treatment of gingivitis is simple; with oral hygiene, brushing, flossing and antiseptic rinses that will decrease the amount of bacteria that adhere to the teeth. They are fundamental preventive measures to reverse gingivitis and prevent it from progressing to periodontal disease.
In many occasions daily brushing is not enough to remove plaque. In these cases you have to go to the dentist to perform a deeper prophylaxis. With this we eliminate the plaque that is more attached to the tooth and that we can not eliminate at home. Remember that, although brushing causes discomfort and / or pain when you are in a gingivitis case, the worst thing you can do is quit. You will continue to accumulate plaque on the gums, thus worsening the disease picture.
If you feel bleeding during brushing, bad breath, inflammation, redness or pain in the gums, do not hesitate to go to SJD dentists, where we will be happy to help you and solve your problem.
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