Oral Leukoplakia is a white lesion, which we cannot categorize in any other concept of injury already defined. It has a high probability of developing oral cancer, so it is defined as a precancerous lesion.


Leukoplakias may appear as a unique, localized lesion, such as diffuse, extensive lesions or as multiple lesions. Its clinical appearance can range from macular, smooth, slightly whitish and translucent areas, to white plaques, high, thick, firm and with a rough or fissured surface. They tend to be asymptomatic, although in some cases, a slight burning sensation may be experienced.

They can be located practically anywhere in the oral cavity, floor of the mouth, ventrolateral face of the tongue, soft or hard palate, in retrocorneral area, buccal mucosa, edentulous alveolar ridges, tongue and lips.


The main etiology of this pathology is smoking, some traumatic agent or some irritating factor, as well as alcohol. Candida infections are also associated with this pathology.


The first step to follow for the treatment of Leukoplakia is to suspend possible etiologic factors. That is to say, eliminate tobacco and alcohol, as well as remove any irritants that may occur for 2 or 4 weeks. After this time, the patient is reevaluated. If the lesions persist, then we will take a sample and send it to biopsy so we can determine the most appropriate treatment for this type of injury.

If you think you may be suffering from this pathology, don’t hesitate to visit us. At SJD dentists we will analyze your situation to offer you the best solution.

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