A dental abscess, or phlegmon, is the cluster of pus around a particular tooth.

It can affect bone, dental or soft tissue structures close to the affected tooth. This occurs as a result of an untreated cariogenic infection, a fissure or dental fracture, a trauma or a periodontal disorder.
The diagnosis of this type of process usually occurs through clinical and radiological exploration. It determines the origin of the event, as well as its scope. The symptoms that a patient can perceive are very varied.
A dental abscess can be completely asymptomatic, to cause intense and acute pain both at rest and during chewing. In addition, it can be presented:
  • Pressure pain.
  • Inflammation and / or swelling of the surrounding area.
  • Hypersensitivity to cold and heat.
In the most complex cases:
  • Fever.
  • Induration of nearby structures.
  • Impact of own functions.
  • Bad to be generalized.
  • Sepsis and detriment of one’s vital functions.
In some occasions, we can perceive this infection as a fistula. You can see a bulky area of ​​whitish color (red in the gingival area near the pathological piece in question). It appears and disappears for a long time, and may have a painful course. This can indicate the presence of an infection of nearby teeth, which we have not come to realize. Given the absence of painful symptoms, it is common that it is the product of nerve-pulp degradation as a result of trauma. It can also be because it is about a dental infection under a crown or restoration, which we can not see. It must be borne in mind that this is only detectable by radiological exploration.
These processes are very painful and put many patients in situations of extreme pain. Therefore, it is important that you never let it happen, given that unfortunately you can progress to systemic processes that can put your health at risk.

The treatment of this type of injury must be very early.

It can vary from the treatment of the part’s ducts, with caries treatment, to apical maintenance surgeries or extractions and curettage of the area, in the worst case. In addition, antibiotic therapy containing the infection is necessary.
If you find yourself in this situation or suspect that you have some caries that you have not treated properly, go to our clinics. From SJD Dentists we invite you to come and get a checkup. With it, we can avoid getting to these uncomfortable and painful situations, also improving your quality of life.
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