Many times we go to the dentist and they tell us that we have to do a root canal, but what exactly is «an endodontics»?

Many people commonly call it «killing the nerve», but what we really do is to remove the pulp, clean and hermetically seal the inside of the tooth.
Why is endodontics necessary?
If we want to keep a tooth the maximum time in the mouth and the pulp is affected, the only possible treatment is endodontics. The other possible alternative is the extraction or extraction of it.
But, if I have the endodontics done, why does my tooth hurt? This question is very common to hear in the consultation. And is that the teeth not only hurt the pulp, we can also hurt the tissues surrounding the tooth. It is for this reason that an endodontised tooth can hurt. If we have an infectious process, even if we have one, it can hurt us.
I do the root canal and I forget that tooth?
An endodontics is not finished until we rebuild the tooth. She is as important as her proper rehabilitation. Depending on the case, a restoration or a crown will be necessary.
Whatever your situation, from SJD Dentistas we want to help you have the best possible treatment and handling in this situation. Cheer up, we wait for you in our clinics.
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