Benign migratory glossitis is commonly referred to under the term «geographic tongue».

It consists of a benign inflammation of the tongue combined with areas of depapilation, (absence of taste buds). It has cracks and crevices that can disappear or migrate. The margins are well defined; only on the dorsal side of the tongue and with a course of appearance / disappearance from days to months. It is a non-contagious pathology.
This pathology affects more women than men. It is predominant from the 3-4 decade of life.


The real cause of this condition is unknown. Even so, it is ratified in people suffering from allergic rhinitis, asthma. Also in nasal alterations that propitiate oral breathing, vitamin and nutritional deficits. We can not forget the patients with juvenile diabetes, stress, anxiety, psoriasis, hormonal changes linked to periods of gestation and ovulation, are more prone to suffer it.


There is no treatment as such to make the injury disappear or avoid it. However, in this situation, guidelines for hygiene and oral care are usually given to avoid complications such as the appearance of halitosis or reinfections due to candida fungus. These furrows are an ideal reservoir for food remains and oral flora.


The measures to take into account are:
  • Increase oral hygiene.
  • Emphasize lingual brushing using appropriate lingual brushes and techniques.
  • Drink a lot of water to help clean the oral environment.
  • Place ointments or local anesthetics. This is if there is a painful concomitance or a burning sensation, something unusual.
  • Avoid very hot, citrus or spicy foods that cause irritation in the area.


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