TMJ and Bruxism expert. 

When she began studying, she found herself, at only 18 years old, in the consultation room of temporo-mandibular and cranial dysfunctions. At that moment, she asked herself the following:

What is this problem that affects so many people? Why, with a wide range of signs and symptoms,there is still no treatment defined? ‘.

The problem was what we nowadays know as «bruxism, dental tightening or bruxal parafunction.» And this is nothing more than the unconsciousness of clenching or gnashing the teeth, activating the masticatory muscles, without a specific or defined function. When this phenomenon occurs, a myriad of problems begin to erupt. They are of occlusal, muscular, skeletal and articular type. These, together with each other, trigger an affectation of the masticatory system, as well as the entire muscle-skeletal-articular complex. In addition, they provoke problems such as insomnia, migraine, blockages/mandibular luxations and subluxations, pains, earache or joint and otic noises, among others.

With all this and given the wide incidence of the recorded cases, she decided to focus on this pathology. She started her career with a University Diploma in Physiotherapy and a First Degree in Dentistry. But, that was not enough for her and she still had many concerns with respect to that pathology. Therefore, she completed a Master in Temporomandibular Joint and Occlusion, while working as a Dentist. And not only that, she also gave classes and followed specialized courses of expert manual therapies with a traditional and conservative approach of the temporomandibular and muscular joint. Additionally, she attended expert courses on mandibular and cranial base, from various viewpoints, dentistry and physiotherapy.

When testing her knowledge in patients, she was able to prove the positive results that she was getting, which encouraged her to continue working. She decided, then that it was time to get a PhD in that small world and began to develop her PhD thesis. She wanted to generate or create a protocol of standard action, systematic and organised from a conservative point of view, carrying out the integration of the dentistry and physiotherapy disciplines, as a mean of correcting the pathology. This system, despite being in the process of development and confirmation, yields an improved result in 98% of the patients treated in the dental service.

With all this, to this day and with a few years of experience behind her, Dr. Herrera has realized the incredible need to treat this pathology, one of the biggest incidents of our time. This leads her to continue studying, to be a cutting edge professional in what this affliction refers to.

And the most important thing is that in SJD dentists we have her in our multidisciplinary team. So, you know, if you suffer any of these problems, do not hesitate to visit us. Dr. Herrera will look for the best solution to your problem.

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