Surely many of you are having visits of Mouse Perez at home as a result of the replacement of the milk dentition of the child by the definitive adult. To clarify your doubts about this process we give you some guidelines. At SJD Dentistas we also frequently receive the visit of this charismatic Littel Mouse.

The appearance of teeth in a child’s mouth begins at approximately three months of age. This can vary from one individual to another, being able to be earlier for some, and later for others.

The process of replacement of the deciduous dentition by the permanent begins around 6 years of age with the appearance of the first definitive molars. Up to the age of 12 to 14 years there is a successive replacement of the teeth. In this period there is a coexistence of the deciduous teeth with the definitive in the mouth resulting in what is known as mixed dentition.

The process of exfoliation is given by the action of the final tooth which is opening through the degaste of the root of its predecessor until it falls, leaving space and this can make its appearance in the mouth.

The definitive teeth are larger than the deciduous teeth, which is why we identify the permanent ones by explaining them. This characteristic is the consequent decrease in the interdental spaces that exist in the dentitions of children. In addition, usually the definitive incisors usually have serrated edges like a saw, known as «dental development mamelons». They disappear progressively as they wear away during their use in different chewing actions. This should be clarified since many parents, observing it, think that they are irreversible dental deformations.

Sometimes new teeth appear crooked in the mouth. This is usually corrected when the development of the maxillary bone occurs completely. In case the correction is not completely the expected one it is necessary to go to the dentist so that he / she evaluates the need for corrective orthodontic treatment. It is also advisable not to accelerate the replacement process as we can cause an alteration of the oral or dental logical spaces. This would complicate the proper alignment and occlusion in the future, as well as irreparable damage to the definitive tooth itself.

From SJD Dentistas we hope that this clarification regarding the dental replacement will orient you a little and clear your doubts. Still, if you still have any questions you can go to any of our clinics where we will be happy to help.

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