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Oral lichen planus is a non-communicable inflammatory disease that affects the intra oral membranes, the most common areas being the internal face of the cheeks, palate, tongue or inner face of the lips. Oral lichen planus presents a habitual appearance of whitish spots in a reticular...

A dental abscess, or phlegmon, is the cluster of pus around a particular tooth. It can affect bone, dental or soft tissue structures close to the affected tooth. This occurs as a result of an untreated cariogenic infection, a fissure or dental fracture, a trauma or...

Gingivitis is a reversible pathology that causes inflammation of the gums and hemorrhage, but no loss of support tissue of the tooth. It appears due to an accumulation of dentobacterial plaque (tartar) in the gum line. Why is it produced? The main and most frequent cause is...

The term used to refer to the burning / burning sensation of the oral cavity, without an obvious triggering cause is "Burning mouth syndrome". This painful burning sensation, which does not respond to a triggering stimulus, can occur in any location of the oral cavity including...

Benign migratory glossitis is commonly referred to under the term "geographic tongue". It consists of a benign inflammation of the tongue combined with areas of depapilation, (absence of taste buds). It has cracks and crevices that can disappear or migrate. The margins are well defined; only...

Oral Leukoplakia is a white lesion, which we cannot categorize in any other concept of injury already defined. It has a high probability of developing oral cancer, so it is defined as a precancerous lesion. Features. Leukoplakias may appear as a unique, localized lesion, such as diffuse,...

What are we talking about? Supernumerary teeth are those that come out extra. In other words, they exceed in number the considered normal or logical for a human dentition. They are often found fortuitously when a person is subjected to a clinical or radiological examination. They...

What is the Agenesis? As we all know, the natural dentition of an adult person consists of 32 pieces. It is very common that some of them are naturally missing, resulting in the process known as Agenesis. In the case of third molars, these are the...

TMJ and Bruxism expert.   When she began studying, she found herself, at only 18 years old, in the consultation room of temporo-mandibular and cranial dysfunctions. At that moment, she asked herself the following: 'What is this problem that affects so many people? Why, with a wide range...